Friday, May 20, 2011

Organza and I ... "Sway Me, Now"!

Artist's Private Collection
Le Mariage Silk Organza Kimono in Azul Backsplash
(Seagulls in flight with backsplash motif)

Hello All,

Don't you just love the floaty feel of sheer organza to "step out on the town" in?  I sure do.  I just can't help hearing that sultry voice of Nicole Scherzinger crooning, "Sway me...sway me.  Sway me, now".  Aw, yeah ...That's the Stuff!  And, even more titillating is the coming of my new summer coats, tunics and vests featuring lightweight silks and cottons in combination with some other amazing natural fibers.  Just you wait and see! 

Floating about in one of my coats, you will be the "talk of the town", and all your friends will, simply, be "...Pea Green with Envy"!  Isn't that right, Scarlet?  "Fiddle dee dee, Girls".  Wear it, wear it ...Own It!

Presenting, "Water Sprite" by Pia Zza!  Experience the Eternal Flow of Elemental Water...Water inspired silk and layered organic couture for the free spirited femme in us all.  See you at the studio.  Studio 32 in Spanish Village Art Center, that is!

"Sway me...sway me.   Sway me, now."  (fade to you on the town...)

Feeling free form felt forged by feminine hands.  "Felting with feeling"...Fabulous!

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