Throw Down Girl Interiors

           Felted mosaic throw by shibori artist and textile designer, Cassandra Pia Shepard
                                                             Artist's Private Collection

Introducing the latest in felted silk and natural fibers by Pia Zza!, "Throw Down, Girl", a collection of hand felted shibori throws, pillows, wall art, quilts, rugs and interior accessories.  Cassandra Shepard brings to you the most glorious, outlandish, and infinitely refined addition to home interior design...for the discerning collector who wishes to extend "Art" onto the walls, beds, furniture, floors and virtually anywhere you can "throw, lay or hang it!"

This collection will feature hand painted and shibori silk textiles integrated with exotic raw wool fleeces, tussah silk, alpaca, bamboo, flax and an untold variety of natural fibers.  All custom designed and appointed to enhance the beauty of your home.

Bringing nature and plush decadence to your most intimate and sacred environment, your home, "Throw Down, Girl" offers you luxe accessorizing that benefits and supports the eco-friendly necessities of the planet. 

Save the planet and get back to Nature.  Wrap yourself in silks and the finest of alpaca, cashmere and mohair downy softness with "Throw Down, Girl", an eco-friendly choice that supports the planet and spoils you "rotten" as you deserve.

Coming Soon... "Throw Down, Girl" by textile designer, Cassandra Pia Shepard


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