Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Le Papillon Meets the Sea at La Jolla's Casa Beach

" Le Papillon" eco printed felted silk gown by shibori artist, Cassandra Pia Shepard
Artist's Private Collection
COMING SOON "EARTH, WINDFALL & FIRE" an eco printed OOAK line of hand felted couture by shibori artist and textile designer, Cassandra Pia Shepard  
More to come so keep an eye peeled. 
"EARTH, WINDFALL & FIRE" presented by Pia Zza! and Cassandra Pia Shepard
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Sunday, August 18, 2013

"Mosaic in the Garden of Silk and Roving"

        Felted Silk Mosaic Hanging (silk remnants from the Le Mariage Shibori Collection)
                                                          Artist's Private Collection

Hello All,

Here's a peek at one of my felted mosaic hangings done with remnant pieces from my Le Mariage Shibori Collection.  More to come in my latest collection, "Throw Down, Girl", presented by Pia Zza!  I've been super busy in the last year and a half traveling, studying, researching and taking numerous workshops with wonderful instructors, amazing artists and fellow felters.  What a "world of talent" is out there.  I am so fortunate to have met them all, and become fast friends with many.

Thanks to you ALL (you know who you are) for the wonderful growing experience, and the irreplaceable memories.  "FELT ON GIRLS AND GUYS..."

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fiber Arts Now, "Wearable Art...Intimate Art Form"

Hello All,

I want to share this beautiful article that I am featured in, along with five fabulous clothing designers and textile artists.  The summer issue of Fiber Arts Now magazine is on the newsstands, and shelves of Barnes & Noble stores.  I am so pleased to be in the company of the best in this field, and especially happy to be on the title page of the article with Carter Smith.

All images, text and content copyrighted, 2013 all rights reserved
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