Friday, June 24, 2011

The Shape of Things to Come

                      Chocolate jeweled blouse and skirt, Linda Stokes 2010 Collection
                                                 Model, Von Gretchen Shepard

Hello All,

Just a little peek-a-boo at my "high aspirations" of returning to the glitz...or should I say, the "Ritz"? And, Putting it On! Let's not give up the beauty and glamour of the Silver Screen. Those ladies had it "Going On". And, you can, too.

Coming soon, is my new Pia Zza! Collection of gowns, dresses and wraps of nuno felted featherweight silks, exotic wools and natural fibers. Soft, flowing and billowy visions of fabulous female fashion. Ranging from watered silks reflecting the moods of the ocean to glorious spectral colors combined with ribbons, hand painted textiles and natural wool fleeces.

Faux print dress, Linda Stokes 2010 Collection
Model, Von Gretchen Shepard

So keep an eye peeled, and your "DeMille Closeup" attitude close at hand. A fantastic new Pia Zza! OOAK original is coming just for you. You Girls are all OOAK and originals. So be FIERCE and glamorous. We are waiting for you at the "Ritz"!

Champagne sequined gown, Linda Stokes 2010 Collection
Model, Von Gretchen Shepard

Photography by Michael Stokes, copyright 2010, of Linda Stokes, designer

All images, text and content copyrighted, 2011, all rights reserved
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