Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Hue Lit Days and Best Wishes for the New Year !

Okay, it's not a Christmas tree.  But, you can't deny it's Bright!

    Artist's Private Collection
    Wedding Uchikake in Crepe de Chine
    Handpainted with Gutta Resist and Shibori techniques



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Sunday, December 5, 2010

December Nights was Ah - May - Zing!

                                                       Sold to Private Collector
                                     Le Mariage Shibori Silk Kimono in Sol y Cielo
                                    Cassandra Classics Swarovski crystal bracelet
                                                    with Sterling Silver bangles

Oh What a Night!

A super big "Shout Out" and "Merci, merci" to all of you who turned out for the big celebration, and for visiting Studio 32 at this year's "December Nights" !  Yea!  The Village was lit up like a "beacon" from the North Pole with much merrymaking, kettle corn, Swieners (Swiss wieners in a baguette), St. Louis style barbecue, tamale, homemade ice cream eating, hot cider and cocoa drinking, and a veritable Stampede (...I told You!) of Christmas yuletiders and art lovers!!!  I saw many old friends and met newcomers to Spanish Village Art Center.  They were just astonished at the detail that our members had put into the creation of a Winter Wonderland in Balboa Park, San Diego, California.  Not the  usual vision of sunshine and beaches. 

Perfection, my fellow Villagers.  Perfection!

But, hey, wait a minute!  Hold the bus!  It isn't over, yet..."It's only the beginning" !  Having kicked the season off right, we have 19 days to go before Christmas day, so grab your best gal or friend...come to see me at Studio 32... and, "Get your Shop (ping) On" !  You haven't lived until you have gotten "Pia Zza(ed)!"

Oh, and many thanks to those of you who came and gave me great encouragement on my new line of hand felted scarves and wraps.   Your appreciation and kind support of my work is cherished and welcome.  Remember, there is always more to come from Pia Zza!, Le Mariage, Cassandra Classics and Always a Bride!

See you at the Studio.  Come shop.  Mix and match.  "Bling with Fiber and Fiber with Bling".  Now, would that be Bliber or Fling?  (Things that make you go, hmmmm).   So, Bliber or Fling, "Get Your Layers On (scarves, wraps and jewelry, that is)" !  And, don't forget that "jaunty" hat or clutch.

Remember...Self Expression is the Texture of Life.  Adorn yourself in the textures of  "Pia Zza!, Le Mariage and Cassandra Classics.  Dream of a "White Wedding" in Always a Bride.  'Tis the season to "Express the Elemental in You" !

Happy Holidays from Cassandra.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tai Chi, Anyone? Or, Strut Your Stuff !

                                                         Sold to Private Collector
                                        Le Mariage Shibori Silk Kimono in El Tigre
                                     Cassandra Classics Swarovski crystal bracelet
                                                     with Sterling Silver bangles

Hello, hello.  And, Christmas Greetings All!

Gonna get this one in fast, before I run out the door to the studio... everyone's rushing about getting ready for "December Nights" at Spanish Village Art Center in beautiful (be-you-tee-ful) Balboa Park.  This wonderful tradition has been taking place every year for over 35 years (more, actually), and is the "Don't Miss", "Must See" event of the year!!!  Our celebration runs 12/3 - 12/4, 2010 from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00  p.m. at the Village.

Each year, we (the members of Spanish Village Art Center) go all out to decorate and recreate the North Pole and Santa's Wonderland brought to life in the Village.  This year the Village is bedecked in White Light with presents on every tree we could find!  It reminds me of that old Christmas carol ... "and, presents on the tree".  Actually, when I think about it,  this year's theme is "reminiscent" of my decorations last year, when I placed gift bags and wrapped boxes along the path to my studio, softly lit with votive candles to guide the way.  I guess this is what they mean when they say, "Art imitates Life".  If you missed it last year, the pathway to Studio 32 will be there welcoming you to visit.  Ah, well, it's a Jolly - Happy - Caroling - Hot Chocolate drinking time in Spanish Village Art Center!!!

So, come ring in the Yuletide, and "Strut your Stuff" in Pia Zza!, Le Mariage and Cassandra Classics.  Of course, you will find all of those in Studio, #32, in Spanish Village Art Center, located at 1770 Village Place, San Diego, California.

As for the "Tai Chi" plug, people always ask me, "Are you doing Tai Chi in the photos"?  I smile and say, "No. Actually, I am recalling a finale dance performance in my third year of college, where we performed inspired choreography to Michael Olfield's, Tubular Bells".  (Bless you, Hanea, for your choreographic vision).  The hand and arm movements of that performance seemed perfect for showing off the fluidity of my shibori silk kimono, wraps and boas.  So, I took a walk down memory lane.  For those aficionados of Tai Chi, my sincere apologies. 

I guess that leaves us with "Strut Your Stuff"!   Yay!  You go Girls ... You are Fierce!  Especially so, in Pia Zza!, Le Mariage and Cassandra Classics!  So, make Spanish Village Art Center your "home for the holidays", artfully done.  And, as we Villagers say every Christmas, "DON'T GET MALL(ED)"!  See you there, along the path to Studio 32, and your holiday shopping delight!

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holy Smokes! And, Holiday Greetings...

Sold to Private Collector
                                         Le Mariage Shibori Silk Wrap in Woodbine
                                     Cassandra Classics Swarovski crystal bracelet
                                                    with Sterling Silver bangles

Hello the House!

Is time flying or what?!!  Thanksgiving was divine...spent with my family and wonderful friends.  I simply "wallowed" in the delectable delights (...I told You!) served up by my friend and host, Dawn Lewis.  This woman is not only a "star" of stage and screen, but a sorceress in the kitchen!  The "Caribbean Queen" of seafood stuffing, jerk turkey and glazed walnut sweet potatoes that make you forget all about dessert!  (Is your mouth watering?  It should be.)

As if that wasn't enough, we all languished about, after the blessed meal, catching up, sharing love and goodwill  until 8:00 p.m., when it was time to go on to the next stop.  The grand "dessert party" hosted by my other friends, Harold and Hattie Wheeler.  Now, folks, let me tell you that this is the most "extravaganza, banana pudding, sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, coconut cake, devil's food cake, ice cream, cookie eating fest that ever was!  And, I didn't even name all of the desserts ... let alone mention the standing "island of turkey, dressing, macaroni and cheese, greens (oh well, you get the picture)" in the middle of the kitchen.

The doorbell chimed incessantly as guest after guest arrived.  There was a cacophony of cheers, squeals and peals of laughter as old and new friends were lovingly greeted by Hattie, Harold and their charming daughter, Samantha. The house literally overflowed with people.  I chatted with old friends like Jackee Harry, Robert Hooks and  Loretta Devine. Shared banana pudding in the kitchen with Judy Pace and listened to Oz Scott discuss the pros and cons of good versus bad directing .   We played Taboo in the media room, discussed theater, politics and, of course, the  much beleaguered results of "Dancing with the Stars".  A wonderful evening with wonderful friends, family and new acquaintances, and just a GREAT Thanksgiving all around.  I am blessed.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Shall We Dance? (Zebra Autumn Dreams)

                                                          Sold to Private Collector  
                                    Le Mariage Silk Kimono in Zebra Autumn Dreams 
                               Cassandra Classics Pearl and Silver Feather Necklace

"Trip the light fantastic, Anyone"?

Although this kimono is sold, it was such a delight to make that I thought I would share it with you. It falls (no pun intended) right into the color scheme of Fall and Thanksgiving. The pumpkin and olive tones of autumn contrast nicely with the spunky, but under played, Zebra pattern on the reverse side. So take your pick. Zebras or pumpkins...pumpkins or zebras. The question is, are you feeling cozy and Autumnal or Zebra-nesque? Wow! I'm feeling my creative license today...with linguistics as well as my brush. Maybe, I will create another kimono in this color scheme sometime soon. This one was such a hit.

So, be you a Pumpkin or a Zebra ... "Shall we Dance"?  (...and, the band played on.)

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

...Under the Sea, in an Octopus' Garden!

                                                        "La Cave de la Mer"
                                                Original Silk Painting on Habotai
                                             (Acid dyes and mixed media on Silk)

Hello All,

There was a period in my painting career when I painted one "underwater" seascape after another.  It all started with a piece commissioned by my optometrist.  Several years ago, when he relocated his offices from the Wind and Sea area of La Jolla, California to downtown La Jolla proper, I was asked to create a painting with a sea life theme.  This single painting soon evolved into a triptych (to better fit the proportions of the new office wall) depicting a fantasy reef that was dubbed, "Gordon's Reef".  That commission set me off on a journey to many an imaginary reef or underwater cave where beautiful sparkling fish and sea turtles swam in azul waters.   "Le Cave de la Mer" is one of that series of paintings.  It is painted on habotai silk using acid dyes, and refined with permanent ink and colored pencil to enhance the colors and  highlight the images.

Such a lovely "Octopus' Garden", don't you think?  But, where's that octopus?  He was always a shy fellow.  Oh well, the other little fishes, seahorse and sea turtles are getting along "swimmingly".

See it now in studio 32, at Spanish Village Art Center located at 1770 Village Place, San Diego, California.  Studio is open daily from 11:00 a.m. - 400 p.m.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Self Expression is the Texture of Life"

                                                         Sold to Private Collector
                                     Le Mariage Shibori Silk Kimono in Sonar Azul
                                       with contrasting Lapis Neckband and Cuffs

Greetings, Everyone!

Welcome to my "day to day" art and creative expression blog.  It has been a long time in the making, but I am so happy that I have finally gotten started.  Okay, first things first.  My name is Cassandra Pia Shepard, and I am an artist first, last and always.  It's very much like "once bitten".  But, more accurately described, I would say, "Once smitten...forever written"!  Hmmm.  I like that.  Forever and ever, amen.

So, what I hope to express here on my blog (through my paintings, free form fiber arts, shibori and jewelry design)  is my "individual and personal self expression" of the colors, moods and textures of life that I experience while bringing my art pieces to fruition.  I don't imagine it will always be an easy thing to do..."expressing in words what I feel or think, as I create".  But, where I falter in verbal expression, perhaps, the artwork itself will speak to you in volumes.  Shhh!  Did you hear that?  I can almost "hear the textures" now.

Artist's Private Collection
"Chrysanthemums and Cranes" Wedding Uchikaki
Handpainted with Gutta Resist and Shibori techniques

I, also, welcome you to visit me in my art studio at Spanish Village Art Center, Studio 32, located at 1770 Village Place, San Diego, California in beautiful and picturesque Balboa Park.  Drop by any day of the week between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  I, or my talented studio partner, Judy Starr (metal smith and jeweller par excellence) will be there to greet you.  A visit to Studio 32 is truly an experience in "texture, color and brilliance" as all of our patrons tell us.  From original drawings and paintings to fabulous fiber art and textiles to exquisite and unique jewelry design, Judy and I have, as they say, "got it covered".   It's "all in there"!  We welcome you to visit, and "Express the Elemental in You".  You'll see what I mean when you get there.  It's high time to stop by and "Texture Up" your self expression!

All images, text and content copyrighted, 2010, all rights reserved
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