Thursday, July 28, 2011

There's No "Thang" like Vera Wang!

Vera Wang, designer

White by Vera Wang
2012 Bridal Collection

Hello All,

This thought has been going around and around in my head for quite some time.  The name of Vera Wang comes as no surprise to any of us fashionistas.  It's just a given when one thinks of fashion, feminine style and simplistic luxury.  A subliminal melody keeps playing in my mind..."Small and white, clean and look happy to greet me".  Though the lyrics of this well-known song are clearly referring to the edelweiss blossom, I can't help but think of Vera Wang when I hear it.  Especially, Vera's exquisite and oh, so feminine Wedding Gown Collections.  "Blossom of snow.... may you bloom and grow, forever.

Vera Wang Spring 2012
Bridal Collection

Was there ever a more perfect usage of cloth and fiber?   Even in Vera's most extravagant gown designs, where every imaginable type of chiffon, lace, tulle and silk has been utilized, billowing out, tucking under, ruching in and folding back upon itself in impossibly unbelievable patterns, there is that ever-present, undeniable sense of "less is more", when more (and, I do mean "much more"...Wow, just look at those ruffles!) is no "less" than Magnificent!
And, so very Vera.

Am I impressed, or what?  "Whoa...Climb down there, cowgirl"!  I have to reign in my Texas style enthusiasm, before I start "Yee Haa-ing" all over the place!  I'm sure that I am not the only cowgirl out there right now shouting, "Hell Yeah"!  It may not be so "lady-like", but it sure is "Right On".

2012 Bridal Collection
Mermaid Wedding Gown

So, as far as my vote goes, Vera Wang is the "Thang" when it comes to Wedding Gown heaven. Oddly, enough, Vera has said that her Wedding Gown Collections were just the "gold" that paved the way for her to do what she really loves...creating her private fashion couture.  Once again, it just goes to show what a "bombshell", Vera Wang really is.  If the wedding collections are her "bread and butter", so to speak, then all of us aspiring designers really need to "step up our game"! 

Vera Wang
2011 Bridal Collection

"And, Which of us can ever forget This?"

As I said,  "There's No Thang like Vera Wang".....XO, XO Vera.  You are an Inspiration...and then Some!

Hold that Inspiration, and I will be back with "Visions of Vera" in a jiff!  The shape of gowns to come, huh Vera?  YEEE-HAAA!

(Well, the photos are in, but I like that last entry so much, that I have decided to leave it in the article....Texans and cowgirls never get enough of the ole "Yee-Haa" enthusiasm.)  See, Vera.  It's all your fault!

Photography: Kevin Sturman for Vera Wang, 2012 Bridal Collection

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