Sunday, January 15, 2012

Les Reves du Papilon (Dreams of the Butterfly)

                                                       Sold to Private Collector                       
                                Le Mariage Shibori Silk Organza Kimono in Sol y Cielo

Hello All,

I just looked at this shot of my Sol y Cielo Shibori Silk Kimono this afternoon, and surprisingly, noticed something I hadn't before.  The positioning of the sleeves and the loose drape of the kimono's collar reminded me of butterfly wings in motion.  Funny how you can miss something like that, and then, with a quick glance at the same picture, open up a whole new observation of something that has gone, previously, unnoticed right in front of you.  Perhaps, it is the furtive motion of the head... glancing and then turning away, which gives one only a brief impression of the flipping cards to create a moving picture.

At any rate, when I saw this, I cropped the image down which gave me an even stronger impression of the wings of a butterfly..."Papilon en francais".  Voila!  Le Papilon du Sol y Cielo.  Tres, tres bon.  Oh, oui, "Je t'adore!"

Ah, so, my Le Mariage Sol y Cielo Shibori Silk Kimono has metamorphosed into "Le Papilon des Reves!"  Clever Kimono!

                                                         Sold to Private Collector                          
                                Le Mariage Shibori Silk Organza Kimono in Sol y Cielo
                                      Cassandra Classics Swarovski crystal bracelet
                                                    with Sterling Silver Bangles

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Inspiration and Enamored Remembrance

                                 Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre - "Wade in the Water"

Hello All,

Each time I see these photos, I am so inspired.  The emotions they evoke in me are powerful and invigorating.  I just had to share them with you this morning.  Can you feel the energy...their power?

                               Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre - "Wade in the Water"

                       Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre - "Wade in the Water, Children!"

I am inspired.  I am enamored.  I remember...(pulse of the dance...the faint sound of drums...the soft impact of the step as my toes, heels, legs, arms and torso flex into, and through the liquid movement.  I am the embodiment of the ebb and flow of water.  Water, the eternal flow.

"Water Sprite" calls to me.  "I am inspired.  I am enamored.  I remember..."

"Water Sprite" by PiaZza!  Water inspired felted silk couture with natural fiber textures.

Feeling free form felt forged by feminine hands. "Felting with feeling"...Fabulous!

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy "2012" and Rocka My Soul!!!!

                      Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre - "Revelations", (Rocka my Soul)


It's 2012 and I wish for you..."A Blessing on your Heads", Health, Wealth, Prosperity and Love,  and may God "Rocka your Souls in the bosom of Abraham!!!"   For Auld lang syne!

Cassandra Pia

                                       Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre - "Revelations"

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