Monday, November 28, 2011

Hiatus, History, Holidays and Here I am, Baby!

      "Bring Me that Horizon", Kayaking at Cedar Key, Florida in the Gulf of Mexico

Hello All,

Well "bless my soul", if it ain't the Little Ole South!!!  Just a peek at some of the adventure I had during my hiatus, and long awaited vacation.  Here I am kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico...and, I tell you true, I had never even picked up a paddle before!  After a brief bout of the jitters (and a semi-panic attack...terrified of the local gator population, that inhabits every river and stream in Florida), I took to it like a "duck to water".  No gators here, folks.  Just fish, porpoise, pelicans and terns.  Wow!

                            "Shoving Off", at Cedar Key Island ( Gulf of Mexico)

Kayaking at Cedar Key was not only visually stunning and amazing, but I paddled (unknowingly) right into my own ancestral stomping grounds!  The Creek Indians who were part of the Seminole Nation were the first inhabitants of Cedar Key Island, which was the original site of the town and its oyster industry.  No wonder I have such a happy smile...I kayaked to, and walked on the island where my Granddaddy Jim's forefathers had lived so long ago.  First Nations on Cedar Key. "Destiny...destiny, there is no escape for me".  What a head rush!  Wow!  And, Wow, again!

           "Isle de Cedar Key", on approach...destiny, destiny.  Simply, incredible!

Whoops!  Just look at the time!  Gotta run to the studio, but I will be back with the rest of this tale in a jiff!  Hold your horses or your paddle (as it were).  I'll be back before you can whistle, "Dixie".

        "Nature becomes Art", on Cedar Key Isle...faint drumbeats in the distance


"Here I am, Baby."  Back and ready to continue with the amazing time I had at Cedar Key.  As I said before, I could hardly believe my ears when our kayaking guide told the history of the island and its inhabitants.  Although the island has a hiking trail that will lead visitors into a historical landmark at its center, (through very dark and dense mosquito infested woods) the kayaking tour did not allow time for that.

Instead, we had a "fruit and juice" break on the beach, and satisfied our curiosity by combing the shore for oyster shells and walking out on the pier.  The pelicans and terns were amazing.  Hundreds of them sat, perfectly poised on the posts, all facing in one direction as if it was a dress inspection.  "Dress left..."

    "Florida...I believe we have lift-off, folks!"

And, just like that, they all lifted off, circled the pier once and came to rest in their original positions.    It was quite the performance.  Just another part of this fantastic day!  Cedar Key Island, an amazing journey and unexpected discovery of my ancestral past.
While I sauntered and enjoyed the sun (that finally appeared after a dreary overcast start), "fish were jumping" (like Porgy sang) and the porpoises' glistening backs rolled "high" from the surface of the water.  Lost in the nostalgia of where I was, I wandered along the shore picking up oyster shells, and tried to channel the voices and memories of my ancestors, the Creeks.  The atmosphere was electric!  Sparkling and bright, as I breathed in the very air where they had feet leaving footprints in the sand, where they had stood.  The air was charged and so was I.  I breathed in...I breathed out...I felt the electricity along the surface of my skin.  I closed my eyes in reverence, and felt the essence of my ancestors.  I smiled.

Someday...I will return.

                                       "Isle de Cedar Key...home of my Ancestors"

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