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Le Mariage Silk Kimono in Sol y Cielo

Have you ever noticed how you can have a thought or several thoughts simultaneously, some voiced out loud in conversation, others not necessarily verbalized, and then have that very same sentiment cast back at you days later from, hitherto, unknown sources?  Sometimes, known ones too.

I notice it all the time.  I will at times share, in conversation or on my blog, information about my work and ideas with a friend, client or prospective newcomer interested in my progress.  In a matter of days to weeks, I will hear or read my own words, thoughts, insights and inspirations from myriad regions of the world.

Reflection, telepathy, kindred spirit connectivity or, "When C.P. Shepard speaks..."?  (Hey, you over there. "Take your hand down from your ear"!)  Ha!  Call it what you like.  I, myself, will call it "ECHO".

On these pages you will see my discovery of the Echo of inspirations as they appear.   Shhhhhhh!  Are you listening? 

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