Saturday, January 7, 2012

Inspiration and Enamored Remembrance

                                 Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre - "Wade in the Water"

Hello All,

Each time I see these photos, I am so inspired.  The emotions they evoke in me are powerful and invigorating.  I just had to share them with you this morning.  Can you feel the energy...their power?

                               Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre - "Wade in the Water"

                       Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre - "Wade in the Water, Children!"

I am inspired.  I am enamored.  I remember...(pulse of the dance...the faint sound of drums...the soft impact of the step as my toes, heels, legs, arms and torso flex into, and through the liquid movement.  I am the embodiment of the ebb and flow of water.  Water, the eternal flow.

"Water Sprite" calls to me.  "I am inspired.  I am enamored.  I remember..."

"Water Sprite" by PiaZza!  Water inspired felted silk couture with natural fiber textures.

Feeling free form felt forged by feminine hands. "Felting with feeling"...Fabulous!

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