Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tai Chi, Anyone? Or, Strut Your Stuff !

                                                         Sold to Private Collector
                                        Le Mariage Shibori Silk Kimono in El Tigre
                                     Cassandra Classics Swarovski crystal bracelet
                                                     with Sterling Silver bangles

Hello, hello.  And, Christmas Greetings All!

Gonna get this one in fast, before I run out the door to the studio... everyone's rushing about getting ready for "December Nights" at Spanish Village Art Center in beautiful (be-you-tee-ful) Balboa Park.  This wonderful tradition has been taking place every year for over 35 years (more, actually), and is the "Don't Miss", "Must See" event of the year!!!  Our celebration runs 12/3 - 12/4, 2010 from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00  p.m. at the Village.

Each year, we (the members of Spanish Village Art Center) go all out to decorate and recreate the North Pole and Santa's Wonderland brought to life in the Village.  This year the Village is bedecked in White Light with presents on every tree we could find!  It reminds me of that old Christmas carol ... "and, presents on the tree".  Actually, when I think about it,  this year's theme is "reminiscent" of my decorations last year, when I placed gift bags and wrapped boxes along the path to my studio, softly lit with votive candles to guide the way.  I guess this is what they mean when they say, "Art imitates Life".  If you missed it last year, the pathway to Studio 32 will be there welcoming you to visit.  Ah, well, it's a Jolly - Happy - Caroling - Hot Chocolate drinking time in Spanish Village Art Center!!!

So, come ring in the Yuletide, and "Strut your Stuff" in Pia Zza!, Le Mariage and Cassandra Classics.  Of course, you will find all of those in Studio, #32, in Spanish Village Art Center, located at 1770 Village Place, San Diego, California.

As for the "Tai Chi" plug, people always ask me, "Are you doing Tai Chi in the photos"?  I smile and say, "No. Actually, I am recalling a finale dance performance in my third year of college, where we performed inspired choreography to Michael Olfield's, Tubular Bells".  (Bless you, Hanea, for your choreographic vision).  The hand and arm movements of that performance seemed perfect for showing off the fluidity of my shibori silk kimono, wraps and boas.  So, I took a walk down memory lane.  For those aficionados of Tai Chi, my sincere apologies. 

I guess that leaves us with "Strut Your Stuff"!   Yay!  You go Girls ... You are Fierce!  Especially so, in Pia Zza!, Le Mariage and Cassandra Classics!  So, make Spanish Village Art Center your "home for the holidays", artfully done.  And, as we Villagers say every Christmas, "DON'T GET MALL(ED)"!  See you there, along the path to Studio 32, and your holiday shopping delight!

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