Monday, August 15, 2011

Mystical Merlin...Made for Valued Patron

Sold to Private Collector
Le Mariage Silk Organza Kimono in Merlin

This lovely silk organza kimono in Merlin just sold to a valued collector who was recently in San Diego on holiday.  She popped into the studio one day last week with an entourage of bubbly family members, and tried Merlin on.  It was a perfect fit.  She has promised to send photos of herself wearing Merlin.  As soon as she does, I will post them here for all of you to enjoy."

As I create each piece or length of yardage, I always keep in mind the final outcome, literally watching for signs of completion.  The cloth "tells me" when it is finished.

I stand back and if the colors and composition look right, then it is done.  I had a graphic design employer ask me once (in reference to a design layout), "Does it look right to your eye?  If it looks right, then it's right.  "If it don't look ain't right!"  (Thanks, Larry.  Great advice.)

Merlin looked right and was made just for my collector.  Each creation always seems to go to the "right" patron.

Sold to Private Collector
Le Mariage Silk Organza Kimono in Merlin
(View from the Back)

And, now for the "flip side" of Merlin...Mmmmm!  Just as good from any angle.  That's what the collector thought, and so do I.  The pattern and colors in this kimono are reminiscent of deep forest greens, brightly colored lichens, twining vines and a little splash of orangey rust; bringing forth images of cool dark "bois" where nature plays a whimsical surprise by adding a splash of color, just to liven up the palette.

I call this dance of dark and light "Mambo #5".  The mambo of cool and warm hues in random (uh-huh) syncopation.  And, yes, that is totally possible.  Just take a look at Merlin, and you will understand what I mean.

Oh yeah.  That's the stuff!

Hope you enjoyed the history of Merlin.  Keep an eye peeled for the photos from my collector.  I am positive she will look RIGHT in her new Merlin Kimono, and wear it for Life.  Uh-Huh!!!

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