Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Eye of "El Tigre"...Rrrrrrrr...rrrrrrrrr!

                                                           Sold to Private Collector
                                  Le Mariage Shibori Silk Organza Kimono in El Tigre

Hello All,

I just love this color Le Mariage Shibori Kimono in "El Tigre".  I feel as if I am channeling the legendary Bengali, whenever I wear these colors.  I can envision the soft, surely placed footing of the heavily padded paws of the Bengali tigress as she walks through her terrain.  Slowly perusing, in no hurry.  The huntress at her leisure.  These were my thoughts, as I worked the fabric, pushing the limits and keeping her close as my muse.  The deep-throated purring rising and falling in my ear...Rrrrrrrr....rrrrrrrr.  Crescendo.  Decrescendo...

This was one of those lovely projects that went easily, without effort and turned out superb!  I guess I really was connected to my "tigress muse" throughout the process.   The textile responded to my touch, and took the colors eagerly.  No sweat, just the rise and fall of the rhythm of my Bengali.

I don't have much to expound upon.  The piece speaks for itself.  My "El Tigre" shibori silk organza kimono.  Shhhhh.  Can you feel her move?  Listen...Rrrrrrrrr-rrrrrrrrrrr!

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