Friday, July 13, 2012

Sweet Honey in the Rock and I, in the White House!

             OOAK Private Commission for Sweet Honey in the Rock's 30th Anniversary Tour
             Cassandra Pia Shepard's Le Mariage Shibori Collection in the White House

Look, Mama.  I did it!

My very Capricorn mother would be so proud of this photo.  She always gave me drive and utmost support for my art and creative spirit.  I am my mother's daughter when it comes to my own elation and pride over this most happy occasion, and being a part of a historical moment.

I thank the magnificent ladies of Sweet Honey in the Rock for believing in me and my work, and for carrying it forward in the presence of First Lady Michelle Obama during their groundbreaking White House appearance.  Wow!  I am almost speechless...not quite, but close!!!

            Sweet Honey in the Rock at the White House (hallway to the East Room)
           Shirley Childress Saxton is onstage signing for 1st Lady Michelle Obama

Hold on, and I will be back soon to give you more story bits about Sweet honey in the Rock and me.  In the meantime, here is the link to their website:

You can, also, find them on my facebook page at:

               Glorious Songbirds and Women with a Cause, "Sweet Honey in the Rock"
          Commissioned Kimono (30th Anniversary Tour) from the Le Mariage Shibori Collection

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  1. Whoa... wow..congratulations..I just saw this on your FB page..and had a look at some of your other lovely pieces! Nice to find your blog. Have a lovely time in Wisconsin, too!

  2. Wow, I found it right now, a bit late, but better than never.
    Nice to find your blog Cassandra. Your work is stunning!
    Greetings from Switzerland


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