Friday, January 14, 2011

Hey, Did you Ever ... Read a Book?

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Hello again,

Really, did it ever occur to some to just "read a book"?  It is the oddest thing, not experienced only by myself, that there are thousands upon thousands of gifted and dedicated artists throughout the world that are set upon by commercial and altogether uninspired individuals, to volunteer up their very souls when it comes to their own artistic creations.  Surely, these individuals can simply, "read a book", or take a workshop on any art process that they find an  interest in.  With the advent of the worldwide web, there exist magnums of information on the Internet, for anyone who will just look it up.  It is the best "encyclopedia" in the world.  Perhaps, sadly, the joy for some is in the taking, and not in the learning and growth of their skills through their own hard work.  If this is so, then they have missed, entirely, the whole point of artistic creation.  But, then again, perhaps, that is really the point.

Recently, this same sentiment was shared with me by another extremely talented fiber artist who is exceptional in her concept and designs.  I would like to semi-quote her as saying, " is not the material, type of wool or fiber that is used by an artist [in the process], which creates the magic [of a piece], is it?  The magic [really] is in the hand (and heart) of the artist and the mind of the creator".  I will leave her anonymous, but she summed it up perfectly.  To wait upon another to create magic, and then beleaguer them into divulging every minute detail that they have discovered in the learning process, is not the "purest form of  admiration", as some would have us believe.  It is merely, theft.

                                                       Sold to Private Collector
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So, I sing you Praises...all of you artists who live and love to create the "Magic".  Let your souls remain joyful and your expression remain "yours".  And, I ask of the world, "Revel in the existence of the truly creative.  Recognize and support those artists who have dedicated their lives and passion to their individual creation.  I call upon you to become patrons of the truly creative".  And, please, please, "Don't hang back with the apes.  Man has progressed in the last millennium".  "I thank father thanks mother thanks you, and every living creative soul thanks you."

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