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Seamus "On My Shoulders Makes Me Happy"

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Hello All,

And, yes.  You did hear me correctly when I said, "Seamus on my shoulders...Makes me Happy"!   Seamus on anyone's shoulders, I assure you, can make you happy.   Seamus (pronounced Shay-mus) is the baby son of my most favorite angora goat, Arlen.  Although, Kathi, his owner, is very close with his fleece, I was able to procure a mini sample of  his locks, and used them, sparingly, along with Arlen's  in my scarves.  Seamus and Arlen are two of many sheep and goats owned by my friend, Kathi Ruiz and her artistic family who live on their ranch in Campo, California.  Kathi and Rose, her oldest daughter, have been members of Spanish Village Art Center for a little over 3 years.  My discovery of Irish Rose yarns and Kathi Ruiz has been a godsend.

Upon seeing it, I immediately fell in love with the rare hand spun yarns that Kathi produces from the wool of her sheep.  I recognized in an instant the myriad possibilities of creating masterpieces with her yarns and fiber.  And let me tell you, I was onto those soft and alluring boucles "like white on rice", if you know what I mean.  In the past 3 or more years, I have collected enough of Kathi's fiber to fill a sack that can rival Santa's bag at its fullest.  I mean, literally, I can climb inside of it and take a nap!  For those of you who would like to know more about Kathi Ruiz's "Irish Rose" yarns and hand knits, please read my blog feature, "Ewe... Just Gotta Spin!" which I posted at: , circa September 10, 2010.  (Click on my "Friends and Favorite Links" list to read the article)

Kathi and Fern at her annual shearing

I have been promising you all that I would get photos of my new line,
Pia Zza!, onto the blog for awhile.  While the creation of my new pieces has been ongoing, and my knowledge of felting is expanding, I have been selling the new creations in my studio almost before I can get them done.  I'll be working overtime to get a few pix on the blog ASAP.  Pia Zza! is an original line of scarves, wraps, hats, garments and accessories that are a combination of hand painted textiles and luxuriously exotic wool and fiber.  In my creative exploration, I search for unusual and uncommon fibers and textiles which give a signature look to my line, and a standout image to the collector...the ultimate woman who can and does, "Express the Elemental" in herself.

This is why Kathi's fiber fell so easily in sync with my ideas.  The natural textures and colors of her products jumpstart my imagination, and I can hardly contain the channels that my mind runs in each time I purchase another bundle of her yarn.  This last week, when I thought I may have seen it all, suddenly there appeared a glorious riot of "black and white" boucle yarn from "Dutch".  I knew I would create something marvelous from this yarn, and I have already decided to call it (You guessed it...), "Double Dutch"!  Yea!

Hold that thought.  I'll be back after a short break.  Got to get to the studio.  I will pick this up in a bit.

Saturday, 2/26/2011  1:30 p.m.

Okay.  I am back and ready to go with Dutch, Tasha, Arlen, Seamus, Fairy, Comet, Delilah, Fern, Gemma, Maggie, Opal, Gandolph, Warlock, Wulfgar, Mystic, Isis, Shaman, Violet, Lola, Daisy, Erie, Ellie, Bear, Callie, Spice, Skye, Bianca, Tristan and Toffee...(I told you... I've been collecting awhile) just to name a few of those lovely "purveyers of flotsam and fleece"!!  Okay, I'm waxing poetic again, but I just can't help it.  These darlings and their lovely fleeces are as individual as my garments, and their fleeces can only be gotten once a season.  I love the novelty of this because it makes each piece that I create as individual and one of a kind as their annual shearing.  So, keep an eye "peeled" for the upcoming array of felted silk and wool wearables.  I promise, you will be "Happy with Seamus on your Shoulders"!   (In my mind's eye, I have seen it.)  Isn't that right, Seamus?

Baaaaaaaaa...aaaaaaaaaaaa!!  (That means, "You betcha!)

Kathi gets a "little love" from Seamus

Self expression is the texture of Life.  Pia Zza!  Express the Elemental in You.

Feeling free form felt forged by feminine hands.  "Felting with feeling"...Fabulous!

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