Thursday, March 10, 2011

"A Rose for L. J." (As in, Lynette Jennings)

                                                         Sold to Private Collector
                                                              "A Rose for L. J."
                                                      Faux Batik Painting on Silk

Hello All,

Ah, yes.  "A Rose for L. J."  As in, Lynette Jennings of the Discovery Channel fame.  This painting of a Rose of Sharon was painted by me in July of 2001 during a video demonstration on the Lynette Jennings Design Show, using faux batik techniques and gutta resist.  The segment aired on October 12, 2001.  It can be viewed as Episode 171, "Coronado Beach House".

While on tour in San Diego, Lynette visited my home studio where her film crew taped my demonstration of the technique, as she completed her own version of the same flower.  What with fending off the local bees, who followed the aroma of the beeswax, to explaining the process to Lynette while trying to complete a finished painting in time with the video tape, we had quite a day!

Stay tuned for a recap of our art full and eventful day ... a day in the life of faux batik painting, and the "flight of the honey bees"!

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