Friday, April 15, 2011

Persephone..."Spring is Busting Out All Over"!

Shhhh!  Can you hear that?

It is the quiet push of Springtime...a gentle stretch...the infinite soft sound of sound without static or strain.  A bird warbles, a gentle yet cool breeze floats about on zephyr wings, a gossamer dragonfly flutters nearby, and the sun shines down with the amazing warmth that we all look forward to this time of year.  Pale green and bright yellow buds and leaves push their delicate arms through a thin veil of remaining snow, instinctively migrating toward the sky and powdery clouds that drift by overhead.  I lift my face, upturned, to the welcome gift of Spring, and am drawn to its renewal and promise of rebirth, as was Persephone in Greek mythology.

Persephone steps from the underworld, and places her lovely foot upon the newly replenished ground, and as she walks, surely, "Spring is, suddenly, Busting out all over"!   I loved this Greek tale of rebirth in the spring when I first read it in high school, and it recurs in my memory each spring.  After its winter hibernation, nature awakens and bursts forth once more with color, sound and texture for our delight.  Warming and enticing us with the promise of summer.

This is the inspiration for my new line of felted boas and accessories from Pia Zza!  Yarns, handpainted fabrics, ribbons and various wool fibers are mixed together in a glorious medley to simulate springtime and the influence of Persephone upon the season's change and nature's abundance.  Inspired by this theme, I had originally named my new line of felted boas, "Confetti" because the wool, ribbons and fibers combined in such a way as to give the viewer the impression of confetti raining down in celebration and "joie".  My friends and  patrons were delighted with the concept.  As my designs for the scarves and ornaments are constantly growing and evolving, I have decided to rename them "Renew", in honor of Persephone and the renewal that comes with springtime.  They will still be reminiscent of confetti, but so much more.  That is what "joie" does to just grows and grows.  Isn't that right, Persephone?

Oh, this reminds me of an assignment that we had in college in art calligraphy class.  Our beloved instructor, Malcolm Nichols (perfectionist to the hilt), gave us the challenging mid-semester project of composing a completely nonsensical poem of so many lines, and then, scribing it in excruciatingly perfect penmanship. Thanks, Malcolm!

I dug deep down in my creative bag, and came up with this questionable tribute to nature:

While casually crunching my angel cake,
I contemplated a noodle fly
Who sang a whistle
To the ear bursting silence
Of a green squash plant,
And, the ferocious feline fell afloat.

Cassandra Shepard, circa, 1972

Sorry, Persephone, maybe not as brilliant as your paintbrush in Spring, but it was fun writing it.

So, remember everyone, come to the studio and take home one of my new felted boas, wraps or accessories, and each time you wear it you will "Renew, renew...renew". 

Wishing you love and joie for Springtime,

Cassandra Pia

Feeling free form felt forged by feminine hands.  "Felting with feeling"...Fabulous!

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